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Rapid Diagnosis of Capnocytophaga canimorsus Septic Shock in an Immunocompetent Individual Using Real-Time Nanopore Sequencing Nov 2018
metagenomics sepsis Bookmark
Real-Time Selective Sequencing with RUBRIC: Read Until with Basecall and Reference-Informed Criteria Nov 2018
crispr Bookmark
Applications and Challenges of Real-time Mobile DNA Analysis. S. Y. Ko, J. Z. . L. Sassoubre Nov 2017
Real-time analysis of nanopore-based metagenomic sequencing from orthopaedic device infection N. D. Sanderson...
D. W. Eyre
Nov 2017
antibiotic_resistance Bookmark
Real-time DNA barcoding in a remote rainforest using nanopore sequencing A. Pomerantz...
S. Prost
Sep 2017
Real-Time Demultiplexing Nanopore Barcoded Sequencing Data With npBarcode S. H. Nguyen...
M. D. Cao
May 2017