Single-cell RNA sequencing preprints

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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
scSLAM-seq reveals core features of transcription dynamics in single cells 22nd Jan 2019
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Single cell multi-omics profiling reveals a hierarchical epigenetic landscape during mammalian germ layer specification 14th Jan 2019
rnaseq Bookmark
Ageing affects DNA methylation drift and transcriptional cell-to-cell variability in muscle stem cells Dec 2018
stem_cells Bookmark
Peripheral blood DNA methylation differences in twin pairs discordant for Alzheimer\'s disease Nov 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Integrative inference of brain cell similarities and differences from single-cell genomics Nov 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Integrative analysis of single cell expression data reveals distinct regulatory states in bidirectional promoters F. B. Ardakani...
M. H. Schulz
May 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Multi-omic tumor data reveal diversity of molecular mechanisms underlying survival D. Ramazzotti...
A. Sidow
Feb 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Insights from deconvolution of cell subtype proportions enhance the interpretation of functional genomic data. Y. Kong...
M. Suzuki
Jan 2018
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