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Human cortical neural stem cells generate regional organizer states in vitro before committing to excitatory neuronal fates 16th Mar 2019
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Normalization and variance stabilization of single-cell RNA-seq data using regularized negative binomial regression 15th Mar 2019
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Feature Selection and Dimension Reduction for Single Cell RNA-Seq based on a Multinomial Model 13th Mar 2019
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Single cell expression variability in highly homogeneous populations of human cells is widespread, heritable, and implies cell function 13th Mar 2019
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Molecular and anatomical organization of the dorsal raphe nucleus 12th Mar 2019
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PESCA: A scalable platform for the development of cell-type-specific viral drivers S. Hrvatin...
M. E. Greenberg
9th Mar 2019
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Genotype-free demultiplexing of pooled single-cell RNA-seq J. Xu, C. Falconer, L. Coin 8th Mar 2019
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MultiCapsNet: a interpretable deep learning classifier integrate data from multiple sources 8th Mar 2019
Single-cell RNA-seq reveals spatially restricted multicellular fibrotic niches during lung fibrosis 7th Mar 2019
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Chromosome-wide co-fluctuation of stochastic gene expression in mammalian cells 7th Mar 2019
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