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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Reproducible Risk Loci and Psychiatric Comorbidities in Anxiety: Results from ~200,000 Million Veteran Program Participants 6th Feb 2019
heritability neurodevelopmental_disorders uk_biobank Bookmark
Association between schizophrenia polygenic score and psychotic symptoms in Alzheimer disease: meta-analysis of 10 cohort studies 27th Jan 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Schizophrenia polygenic risk scores, urbanicity and treatment-resistant schizophrenia Dec 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Whole blood transcriptome analysis in bipolar disorder reveals strong lithium effect Dec 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders rnaseq Bookmark
Genetic combination risk for schizophrenia Dec 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Factors associated with sharing email information and mental health survey participation in two large population cohorts Nov 2018
education_policy neurodevelopmental_disorders uk_biobank Bookmark
An atlas of polygenic risk score associations to highlight putative causal relationships across the human phenome Nov 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders uk_biobank Bookmark
Bipolar multiplex families have an increased burden of common risk variants for psychiatric disorders Nov 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Comparative genetic architectures of schizophrenia in East Asian and European populations Oct 2018
genomewide_association neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Penetrance and pleiotropy of polygenic risk scores for schizophrenia in 90,000 patients across three healthcare systems Sep 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Genome-wide association study of suicide attempt in psychiatric disorders identifies association with major depression polygenic risk scores Sep 2018
genomewide_association major_depressive_disorder neurodevelopmental_disorders uk_biobank Bookmark
An analysis on Dual Diagnosis Revealed a Possible deviation of Schizophrenia Polygenic Risk Score by Mexican Amerindian Ancestry Sep 2018
major_depressive_disorder neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
The contribution of psychiatric risk alleles to a general liability to psychopathology in early life Sep 2018
major_depressive_disorder neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
The dark side of the mean: brain structural heterogeneity in schizophrenia and its polygenic risk. Sep 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders uk_biobank Bookmark
Contribution of rare copy number variants to bipolar disorder risk is limited to schizoaffective cases Sep 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Transforming summary statistics from logistic regression to the liability scale: application to genetic and environmental risk scores Aug 2018
heritability neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Genome Wide Study of Tardive Dyskinesia in Schizophrenia Aug 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Genomewide association metaanalysis of cocaine dependence shared genetics with comorbid conditions Jul 2018
eqtl genomewide_association neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Spatial gene-by-environment mapping for schizophrenia reveals locale of upbringing effects beyond urban-rural differences C. C. Fan...
C. B. Pedersen
May 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
A weighted burden test using logistic regression for integrated analysis of sequence variants, copy number variants and polygenic risk score D. Curtis Apr 2018
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