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Correct CYFIP1 dosage is essential for synaptic inhibition and the excitatory/inhibitory balance. E. C. Davenport...
J. T. Kittler
18th Apr 2018
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Genetics of brain age suggest an overlap with common brain disorders T. Kaufmann...
17th Apr 2018
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Schizophrenia-related cognitive dysfunction in the Cyclin-D2 knockout mouse model of ventral hippocampal hyperactivity C. M. Grimm...
D. Kaetzel
14th Apr 2018
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Nicotinic modulation of hierarchal inhibitory control over prefrontal cortex resting state dynamics: modeling of genetic modification and schizophrenia-related pathology M. Rooy...
B. Gutkin
13th Apr 2018
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Morphofunctional deficits in the cerebral cortex of NeuroD2 mutant mice are associated with autism/schizophrenia-like behaviors S. Bugeon...
A. D. Chevigny
12th Apr 2018
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Brain scans from 21297 individuals reveal the genetic architecture of hippocampal subfield volumes D. V. D. Meer...
11th Apr 2018
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Differential DNA modification of an enhancer at the IGF2 locus affects dopamine synthesis in patients with major psychosis S. Pai...
V. Labrie
6th Apr 2018
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Development of the MAM model of schizophrenia in mice: Sex similarities and differences of prefrontal cortical and hippocampal function K. CHALKIADAKI...
K. Sidiropoulou
5th Apr 2018
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Brain-Specific Deletion of GIT1 Impairs Cognition and Alters Phosphorylation of Synaptic Protein Networks Implicated in Schizophrenia Susceptibility D. M. Fass...
S. J. Haggarty
27th Mar 2018
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Polygenic risk score for schizophrenia is more strongly associated with ancestry than with schizophrenia D. Curtis 23rd Mar 2018
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Enrichment of gene variants associated with treatable genetic disorders in psychiatric populations V. Sriretnakumar...
J. So
23rd Mar 2018
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Identification and prioritization of gene sets associated with schizophrenia risk by co-expression network analysis in human brain E. Radulescu...
D. R. Weinberger
23rd Mar 2018
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Cerebellar grey matter volume in adolescence is associated with prodromal psychotic symptoms and norm-violating behavior T. Moberget...
L. T. Westlye
23rd Mar 2018
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Paracingulate sulcus morphology and hallucinations in clinical and non-clinical groups J. Garrison...
I. E. Sommer
19th Mar 2018
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Transdiagnostic multimodal neuroimaging in psychosis: structural, resting-state, and task MRI correlates of cognitive control D. B. Lerman-Sinkoff...
D. T. Mamah
18th Mar 2018
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Trans-ancestral GWAS of alcohol dependence reveals common genetic underpinnings with psychiatric disorders R. K. Walters...
J. Pearson
10th Mar 2018
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Defining a canonical ligand-binding pocket in the orphan nuclear receptor Nurr1 I. M. S. D. Vera...
D. J. Kojetin
7th Mar 2018
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Genome-wide association study meta-analysis of the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) in two population-based cohorts (N=141,958) S. Sanchez-Roige...
T. K. Clarke
6th Mar 2018
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Individual Variation in Brain Network Topology and Social Cognitive Ability G. Ling...
R. Brady
5th Mar 2018
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Genome-wide analysis of adolescent psychotic-like experiences shows genetic overlap with psychiatric disorders O. Pain...
A. Ronald
20th Feb 2018
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