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Comparative performance of the BGI and Illumina sequencing technology for single-cell RNA-sequencing 18th Feb 2019
crispr singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Single-cell RNA sequencing of a European and an African lymphoblastoid cell line 14th Feb 2019
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Comparative analysis of commercially available single-cell RNA sequencing platforms for their performance in complex human tissues 6th Feb 2019
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
scruff: An R/Bioconductor package for preprocessing single-cell RNA-sequencing data 18th Jan 2019
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Direct capture of CRISPR guides enables scalable, multiplexed, and multi-omic Perturb-seq Dec 2018
crispr singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Mutation detection in thousands of acute myeloid leukemia cells using single cell RNA-sequencing Oct 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Comparative analysis of droplet-based ultra-high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq systems X. Zhang...
J. Wang
May 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Single-cell transcriptome of antler stem cells from antlerogenic periosteum H. Ba...
C. Li
Feb 2018
singlecell_rna_sequencing stem_cells Bookmark
SAKE (Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis and Klustering Evaluation) Identifies Markers of Resistance to Targeted BRAF Inhibitors in Melanoma Cell Populations Y. Ho...
M. G. Hammell
Dec 2017
melanoma singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
CLAN: the CrossLinked reads ANalysis tool C. Zhong, S. Zhang Dec 2017
Tn5Prime, a Tn5 based 5' Capture Method for Single Cell RNA-seq C. Cole...
C. Vollmers
Nov 2017
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Cluster Headache: Comparing Clustering Tools for 10X Single Cell Sequencing Data S. Freytag...
M. Bahlo
Oct 2017
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark
Targeting individual cells by barcode in pooled sequence libraries N. Ranu...
P. C. Blainey
Aug 2017
singlecell_rna_sequencing Bookmark