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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Casilio-ME: Enhanced CRISPR-based DNA demethylation by RNA-guided coupling methylcytosine oxidation and DNA repair pathways 20th May 2019
Deletion of the CTG Expansion in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Reverses DMPK Aberrant Methylation in Human Embryonic Stem Cells but not Affected Myoblasts 9th May 2019
stem_cells Bookmark
Targeted mRNA demethylation using an engineered dCas13b-ALKBH5 fusion protein 21st Apr 2019
Transcriptome-wide dynamics of extensive m6A mRNA methylation during Plasmodium falciparum blood-stage development 10th Mar 2019
malaria rnaseq Bookmark
Genetic, epigenetic and pharmacological influences modulating tissue specific regulation of the cannabinoid receptor -1 (CB1) gene; implications for cannabinoid pharmacogenetics. 9th Feb 2019
lncRNA Neat1 drives neuronal histone methylation and age-related memory impairments 1st Feb 2019
ncrna Bookmark
An elucidation of the links between hormones, DNA methylation, the microbiome, and disease to restore homeostasis to each component through the genomic engineering of CRISPR microbes 1st Feb 2019
metagenomics Bookmark
Dicer-like 5 deficiency confers temperature-sensitive male sterility in maize Dec 2018
Long read-based de novo assembly of low complex metagenome samples results in finished genomes and reveals insights into strain diversity and an active phage system Nov 2018
genome_assembly metagenomics nanopore Bookmark
Tunable Transcriptional Interference at the Endogenous Alcohol Dehydrogenase Gene Locus in Drosophila melanogaster Oct 2018
Synthetic genome defenses against selfish DNA elements stabilize engineered bacteria against evolutionary failure Sep 2018
metabolic_engineering Bookmark
Haplotyperesolved and integrated genome analysis of encode cell line hepg2 Jul 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Targeted Reactivation of FMR1 Transcription in Fragile X Syndrome Embryonic Stem Cells J. Haenfler...
P. K. Todd
Apr 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders stem_cells Bookmark
Timely double-strand break repair and pathway choice in pericentromeric heterochromatin depend on the histone demethylase dKDM4A A. Janssen...
G. H. Karpen
Apr 2018
recombination Bookmark
The lysine demethylase dKDM2 is non-essential for viability, but regulates circadian rhythms in Drosophila Y. Zheng...
J. Ji
Mar 2018
Genome-wide profiling of an enhancer-associated histone modification reveals the influence of asthma on the epigenome of the airway epithelium. P. Mcerlean...
P. Lavender
Mar 2018
The complex architecture of plant transgene insertions F. Jupe...
J. R. Ecker
Mar 2018
nanopore Bookmark
A modular dCas9-SunTag DNMT3A epigenome editing system overcomes pervasive off-target activity of direct fusion dCas9-DNMT3A constructs C. Pflueger...
R. Lister
Feb 2018
Enhancing Cas9 Activity in Heterochromatin R. Daer, C. Barrett, K. Haynes Dec 2017
Comprehensive, Integrated, and Phased Whole-Genome Analysis of the Primary ENCODE Cell Line K562 B. Zhou...
A. E. Urban
Dec 2017
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