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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Pooled CRISPR Inverse PCR sequencing (PCIP-seq): simultaneous sequencing of retroviral insertion points and the associated provirus in thousands of cells with long reads 25th Feb 2019
crispr nanopore Bookmark
Mean-field computational approach to HIV dynamics on a fitness landscape 12th Jan 2019
Characterization of intact proviruses in blood and lymph node from HIV-infected individuals undergoing analytical treatment interruption Nov 2018
High resolution evolutionary analysis of within-host hepatitis C virus infection Aug 2018
Analysis of HIV-1 latent reservoir and rebound viruses in a clinical trial of anti-HIV-1 antibody 3BNC117 Y. Z. Cohen...
M. C. Nussenzweig
May 2018
A High HIV-1 Strain Variability in London, UK, Revealed by Full-Genome Analysis: Results from the ICONIC Project G. Yebra...
A. J. L. Brown
Jul 2017
PHYLOSCANNER: Analysing Within- and Between-Host Pathogen Genetic Diversity to Identify Transmission, Multiple Infection, Recombination and Contamination C. Wymant...
-. T. B. Collaboration
Jun 2017
nanopore Bookmark
Mapping the drivers of within-host pathogen evolution using massive data sets D. S. Palmer...
G. McVean
Jun 2017
Error rates, PCR recombination, and sampling depth in HIV-1 Whole Genome Deep Sequencing F. Zanini...
R. Neher
Sep 2016