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Targeted sequencing of candidate genes of dyslipidemia in Punjabi Sikhs: Population-specific rare variants in GCKR promote ectopic fat deposition 22nd Jan 2019
A genome-wide association study identifies that the GDF5 and COL27A1 genes are associated with knee pain in UK Biobank (N = 171, 516) 21st Jan 2019
genomewide_association uk_biobank Bookmark
Genomewide Analyses of Psychological Resilience in US Army Soldiers 21st Jan 2019
genomewide_association genomic_prediction Bookmark
Fast estimation of genetic correlation for Biobank-scale data 21st Jan 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Gene Expression Predictions and Networks in Natural Populations Supports the Omnigenic Theory 18th Jan 2019
Improved polygenic prediction by Bayesian multiple regression on summary statistics 18th Jan 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Scalable multi-component linear mixed models with application to SNP heritability estimation 18th Jan 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Adapting the ELEAT: Early Life Exposure Assessment Tool) to Portugal - a pilot study to tackle gene-environment interactions in Autism Spectrum Disorder 17th Jan 2019
genomewide_association neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Plasticity versus stability across the human cortical visual connectome 16th Jan 2019
Genetic variants of calcium and vitamin D metabolism in kidney stone disease 16th Jan 2019
Genetic Variability and Correlation Coefficients of Major Traits in Early Maturing Rice under Rainfed Lowland Environments of Nepal 16th Jan 2019
The genetic basis of cis-regulatory divergence between the subspecies of cultivated rice (Oryza sativa) 6th Jan 2019
eqtl Bookmark
Specific domains of early parenting, their heritability and differential association with adolescent behavioural and emotional disorders and academic achievement 5th Jan 2019
education_policy Bookmark
Highly Heritable and Functionally Relevant Breed Differences in Dog Behavior 2nd Jan 2019
The genetic basis of hindwing eyespot number variation in Bicyclus anynana butterflies Dec 2018
Estimating heritability of complex traits in admixed populations with summary statistics Dec 2018
Genome-wide Association Study of Multisite Chronic Pain in UK Biobank Dec 2018
genomewide_association genomic_prediction major_depressive_disorder uk_biobank Bookmark
In situ estimation of genetic variation of functional and ecological traits in Quercus petraea and Q. robur Dec 2018
Use of F2 bulks in training sets for genomic prediction of combining ability and hybrid performance Dec 2018
genomic_prediction Bookmark
Benchmarker: an unbiased, association-data-driven strategy to evaluate gene prioritization algorithms Dec 2018