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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Cannabis use, depression and self-harm: phenotypic and genetic relationships 15th Feb 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Metabolome-Wide Mendelian Randomization Analysis of Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Traumatic Stress 12th Feb 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Inter- and Intra-Generation Genomic Predictions for Douglas-fir Growth in Unobserved Environments 8th Feb 2019
Reproducible Risk Loci and Psychiatric Comorbidities in Anxiety: Results from ~200,000 Million Veteran Program Participants 6th Feb 2019
heritability neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia uk_biobank Bookmark
Validation of genome-wide polygenic risk scores for coronary artery disease in French Canadians 6th Feb 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Association between schizophrenia polygenic score and psychotic symptoms in Alzheimer disease: meta-analysis of 10 cohort studies 27th Jan 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Asthma and affective traits in adults: a genetically informative study 27th Jan 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark
Genome-wide Association Study of Alcohol Consumption and Use Disorder in Multiple Populations (N = 274,424) 27th Jan 2019
genomewide_association heritability Bookmark
Polygenic Risk for Alcohol Misuse is Moderated by Romantic Partnerships: Primarily in Men 27th Jan 2019
Neuroticism as a predictor of frailty in old age: a genetically informative approach 27th Jan 2019
neurodevelopmental_disorders uk_biobank Bookmark
Genomewide Analyses of Psychological Resilience in US Army Soldiers 21st Jan 2019
genomewide_association heritability Bookmark
Genetic Risk for Rheumatoid Arthritis is Associated with Increased Striatal Volume in Healthy Young Adults 15th Jan 2019
Efficient estimation and applications of cross-validated genetic predictions 12th Jan 2019
A Multi-Breed Reference Panel and Additional Rare Variation Maximizes Imputation Accuracy in Cattle 11th Jan 2019
Vitamin D: marker, cause or consequence of depression? An exploration using genomics 10th Jan 2019
major_depressive_disorder Bookmark
Genomic Prediction of Complex Disease Risk Dec 2018
melanoma uk_biobank Bookmark
Economic status mediates the relationship between educational attainment and posttraumatic stress disorder: a multivariable Mendelian randomization study Dec 2018
education_policy uk_biobank Bookmark
Genome-wide Association Study of Multisite Chronic Pain in UK Biobank Dec 2018
genomewide_association heritability major_depressive_disorder uk_biobank Bookmark
Schizophrenia polygenic risk scores, urbanicity and treatment-resistant schizophrenia Dec 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Use of F2 bulks in training sets for genomic prediction of combining ability and hybrid performance Dec 2018
heritability Bookmark