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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Rapid, multiplexed, whole genome and plasmid sequencing of foodborne pathogens using long-read nanopore technology 23rd Feb 2019
nanopore Bookmark
Comparison of long-read sequencing technologies in the hybrid assembly of complex bacterial genomes 28th Jan 2019
nanopore Bookmark
Assignment of virus and antimicrobial resistance genes to microbial hosts in a complex microbial community by combined long-read assembly and proximity ligation Dec 2018
metagenomics Bookmark
Genomic Surveillance for Antimicrobial Resistance in Mannheimia haemolytica Using Nanopore Single Molecule Sequencing Technology Aug 2018
nanopore Bookmark
Completing bacterial genome assemblies with multiplex MinION sequencing R. R. Wick...
K. E. Holt
Jul 2017
nanopore Bookmark
De novo assembly of microbial genomes from human gut metagenomes using barcoded short read sequences E. Moss...
A. S. Bhatt
Apr 2017
metagenomics rnaseq Bookmark
Comparison of bacterial genome assembly software for MinION data K. Judge...
S. J. Peacock
May 2016
nanopore Bookmark
Recycler: an algorithm for detecting plasmids from de novo assembly graphs R. Rozov...
R. Shamir
May 2016