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OMGS: Optical Map-based Genome Scaffolding 24th Mar 2019
SMRT long-read sequencing and Direct Label and Stain optical maps allow the generation of a high-quality genome assembly for the European barn swallow (Hirundo rustica rustica) G. Formenti...
N. Saino
Jul 2018
A chromosome-scale assembly of the sorghum genome using nanopore sequencing and optical mapping S. Deschamps...
H. Lin
May 2018
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A critical comparison of technologies for a plant genome sequencing project P. Paajanen...
M. D. Clark
Oct 2017
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High contiguity Arabidopsis thaliana genome assembly with a single nanopore flow cell T. P. Michael...
J. R. Ecker
Jun 2017
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Improved de novo Genome Assembly: Linked-Read Sequencing Combined with Optical Mapping Produce a High Quality Mammalian Genome at Relatively Low Cost D. W. Mohr...
A. F. Scott
Apr 2017 Reviews
Improved de novo Genome Assembly: Synthetic long read sequencing combined with optical mapping produce a high quality mammalian genome at relatively low cost D. Mohr...
A. Scott
Apr 2017
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Ongoing human chromosome end extension driven by a primate ancestral genomic region revealed by analysis of BioNano genomics data H. Shao...
L. Coin
Feb 2017