Presented at London Calling 2016

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Research area: genomics

Real time selective sequencing using nanopore technology.

Created on 3rd February 2016

This paper has been published in Nature methods.

Matthew Loose; Sunir Malla ; Michael Stout

The Oxford Nanopore MinION is a portable real time sequencing device which functions by sensing the change in current flow through a nanopore as DNA passes through it. These current values can be streamed in real time from individual nanopores as DNA molecules traverse them. Furthermore, the technology enables individual DNA molecules to be rejected on demand by reversing the voltage across specific channels. In theory, combining these features enables selection of individual DNA molecules for sequencing from a pool, an approach called "Read Until". Here we apply dynamic time warping to match short query current traces to references, demonstrating selection of specific regions of small genomes, individual amplicons from a group of targets, or normalisation of amplicons in a set. This is the first demonstration of direct selection of specific DNA molecules in real time whilst sequencing on any device and enables many novel uses for the MinION.

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