Research area: bioinformatics

Large-scale non-targeted metabolomic profiling in three human population-based studies

Created on 12th November 2015

Andrea Ganna; Tove Fall; Samira Salihovic; Woojoo Lee; Corey D Broeckling; Jitender Kumar; Sara Hägg; Markus Stenemo; Patrik K.E. Magnusson; Jessica Prenni; Lars Lind; Yudi Pawitan; Erik Ingelsson;

Non-targeted metabolomic profiling is used to simultaneously assess a large part of the metabolome in a biological sample. Here, we describe both the analytical and computational methods used to analyze a large UPLC-Q-TOF MS-based metabolomic profiling effort using plasma and serum samples from participants in three Swedish population-based studies of middle-aged and older human subjects: TwinGene, ULSAM and PIVUS. At present, more than 200 metabolites have been manually annotated in more than 3,600 participants using an in-house library of standards and publically available spectral databases. Data available at the Metabolights repository include individual raw unprocessed data, processed data, basic demographic variables and spectra of annotated metabolites. Additional phenotypical and genetic data is available upon request to cohort steering committees. These studies represent a unique resource to explore and evaluate how metabolic variability across individuals affects human diseases.

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