Research area: genomics

The Next Generation Precision Medical Record - A Framework for Integrating Genomes and Wearable Sensors with Medical Records

Created on 14th February 2016

Daryl Waggott; Euan Ashley;

Current medical records are rigid with regards to emerging big biomedical data. Several examples that already exist in clinical practice include whole genome sequencing and wearable sensors for real time monitoring. Genome sequencing not only enables conventional diagnostic interrogation, but forms the fundamental baseline for precision health throughout a patients lifetime. Mobile sensors enable tailored monitoring regimes for both reducing risk through precision health interventions and acute condition surveillance. To address the absence of these data in the EMR we worked with SAP Healthcare to re-envision a modern medical record with these components. The pilot project used 37 patient families with complex medical records, whole genome sequencing and some level wearable monitoring. Core functionality include patient timelines with integrated text analytics, personalized genomic curation and wearable alerts. The current phase is being rolled out to over 1500 patients in clinics across the hospital system. While fundamentally research, we believe this proof of principle platform is the first of its kind and represents the future of data driven clinical medicine.

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