Research area: genomics

Determining Exon Connectivity in Complex mRNAs by Nanopore Sequencing

Created on 22nd May 2015

Mohan Bolisetty; Gopinath Rajadinakaran; Brenton Graveley;

Though powerful, short-read high throughput RNA sequencing is limited in its ability to directly measure exon connectivity in mRNAs containing multiple alternative exons located farther apart than the maximum read lengths. Here, we use the Oxford Nanopore MinION™ sequencer to identify 7,899 ‘full-length’ isoforms expressed from four Drosophila genes, Dscam1, MRP, Mhc, and Rdl. These results demonstrate that nanopore sequencing can be used to deconvolute individual isoforms and that it has the potential to be an important method for comprehensive transcriptome characterization.

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