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Paper Authors Journal Date
Genome analyses show strong selection on coloration, morphological and behavioral phenotypes in birds-of-paradise S. Prost ... M. Irestedt GigaScience May 2018
Prot-SpaM: Fast alignment-free phylogeny reconstruction based on whole-proteome sequences C. Leimeister ... B. Morgenstern GigaScience Apr 2018
Reproducible genomics analysis pipelines with GNU Guix R. Wurmus ... A. Akalin GigaScience Apr 2018
Lilikoi: an R package for personalized pathway-based classification modeling using metabolomics data F. Alakwaa ... L. Garmire GigaScience Mar 2018
Clustering trees: a visualisation for evaluating clusterings at multiple resolutions L. Zappia, A. Oshlack, GigaScience Mar 2018
Ximmer: A System for Improving Accuracy and Consistency of CNV Calling from Exome Data S. Sadedin ... A. Oshlack GigaScience Feb 2018
Genomes of trombidid mites reveal novel predicted allergens and laterally-transferred genes associated with secondary metabolism X. Dong ... B. L. Makepeace GigaScience Feb 2018
AMBER: Assessment of Metagenome BinnERs F. Meyer ... A. C. McHardy GigaScience Dec 2017
SNeCT: Scalable network constrained Tucker decomposition for integrative multi-platform data analysis. D. Choi, L. Sael GigaScience Nov 2017
YAMP: a framework enabling reproducibility in metagenomics research A. Visconti ... M. Falchi GigaScience Nov 2017
Clinker: visualising fusion genes detected in RNA-seq data B. M. Schmidt ... A. Oshlack GigaScience Nov 2017
Efficient and accurate detection of splice junctions from RNAseq with Portcullis D. Mapleson ... D. Swarbreck GigaScience Nov 2017
Privacy-preserving generative deep neural networks support clinical data sharing B. K. Beaulieu-Jones ... C. S. Greene GigaScience Jul 2017
Toward A Scalable Exploratory Framework for Complex High-Dimensional Phenomics Data M. Kamruzzaman ... P. S. Schnable GigaScience Jul 2017
PhenoSpD: an atlas of phenotypic correlations and a multiple testing correction for the human phenome J. Zheng ... T. Gaunt GigaScience Jun 2017